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Jackson Hole Toy Store and Shooting Gallery

The Jackson Hole Toy Store is toy store that promotes imagination and play. Unique toys from all over the world. Plus an indoor Wild West Shooting Gallery - safe and open to all ages!

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Whether you're a local or you're just passing through town, the Jackson Hole Toy Store is one stop you don't want to pass up. We have unique gifts, toys, collectibles - everything to keep your memories of Jackson Hole alive and keep the fun going for the road ahead!


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Try Jackson Hole's Indoor Shooting Gallery

Fun and affordable for all ages - try out our anamatronic, safe, electronic shooting gallery with real light guns and fun effects! Try your hand at a high score or challenge your friends to a quick draw shoot out!

Charlie Bears are Here!

Highly collectible, one of a kind bears with personality!


The Jackson Hole Toy Store is Wyoming's Charlie Bear Destination! Charlie Bears are unique, one of a kind, highly collectible, and full of personality. And they're finding their forever homes quickly! Which Charlie Bear will choose you?

Bears are arriving often in the Toy Store - follow us on Facebook or Instagram for up to date information on when they come in.

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165 Center St A,
Jackson, WY 83001

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